Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pathology rescheduled show!

those who made it out this past sunday(1/29/12) witnessed that no matter the day, Gore House Productions will bring the pain!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cephalotripsy/Inherit Disease feb 4!

check out promo here

First show of 2012 postponed?

That is correct! our first show of 2012 was postponed due to permit issues with the venue.Thankfully, we have a new date on the works so stay tuned for more info soon

what to expect for ghp?

So last year saw the official releases for Bloodsoaked(Consume the Flesh),Disfigured(Coutless Slaves) and Rottenness(AS Far The Fist Can Go)we currently have 4 bands pending designs which include Deceased and Vulvectomy. this week, we are working on new design for las vegas sick fucks Cerebral Incubation,so check out our facebook page for more info!

GTB 2011!

July 23/24 saw the birth of our first official 2 day fest.short but very stong line up which featured-BLOOD FREAK,CONDEMNED,EXULCERATE,GORTUARY,ISOLATION IN INFAMY,GUTSAW AND ExD(day 1). Also-PATHOLOGY,TO VIOLENTLY VOMIT,BLOODSOAKED,SLAUGHTERBOX,SHORT FUSE,ROTT,AND COLPOLSCOPY(day 2)

BLOODSOAKED=official prints by GHP!

Those who have been keeping track of our activity, also know we have also picked up on merchandizing starting with the one man killing machine BLOODSOAKED!now available at www.gorehouse/bigcartel.com

Monday, January 16, 2012

Optical Hook Dissection!

Last year saw the birth of out first album release....yes,first! plans for small indie label are still in the air and although its taken longer than expected,there are 2 more releases on the works from our good friends in Erectile Dysfunction and Apoplexy for early 2012

for now, pick up a copy of this sick 3 way split featuring Oxidised Razor,Gutsaw,and Rott

Its been sooooo long!

Although this blog was opened a good while back,there's so much to catch u guys up with(if u haven't already seen our progress).

So April marks our 2 year anniversary and we have a huge plan to celebrate! cant spill the beans so you will all have to wait,for now just keep your eyes open(facebook.com/gorehouseproductions or /officialghp).